Dear Handball friends,

I am writing these lines to announce my candidacy for the office of President of the Catalan Handball Federation.

I have been involved with Handball at all levels: as a player and as a coach, from grassroots to professional sport and from local to international major events. During my career, I served as the players’ representative in the Spanish Players Association (AJBM), the European Handball Players Union (EHPU) and the IHF Athletes’ Commission.

After my active career as a player I had important executive roles in the management of major sport events like the 2006 Doha Asian Games or the Handball World Championship held in 2013. From 2007 to 2012 I was Sports Councilor and Deputy Mayor in my hometown Cardedeu.

In the recent years, I have been working as a coach for the Korean and the Romanian handball federations.

Having such a large handball background makes me feel confident enough to run for the election and I feel especially motivated to lead a group of experienced and hardworking insiders who care about handball and want to give a real push to the development of Catalan Handball.

I took part in the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, but now is the time to face a new challenge: taking determined action to bring Catalan Handball forward.


Jaume Fort Mauri

Carta de presentació de la Candidatura


Go to Players


Facilitate a meeting space where players can discuss proposals to improve handball in all areas

Create a space for inquiries for players (club changes, technification, insurance, image rights …)

Define a block of information for players

Facilitate growth through training in other areas linked to handball

Go to Clubs


Generate a space for training clubs and the requirements for improving the management, marketing and promotion

Facilitate meetings to collect concerns and proposals that are derived from clubs

Establish proposals from the FCH that bring greater visibility in media and social networks for clubs

Information and advice for teams in aspects of subsidies, procedures and insurances …

Go to Handball promotion

Handball promotion

Use the area of promotion in search of sponsors to provide financial resources to the FCH

Define continuous events for the promotion of special groups, linking sport / handball / health

Establish actions to promote handball that serve to increase licenses

Increase the visibility of handball in social networks and the media

Go to Beach Handball

Beach Handball

Train and advise clubs, technicians and players

Endow Beach Handball with a structure, organized as a standard competition, defined in calendar, categories, clubs and refereeing

Extend a unified sponsorship for all events by providing resources in all the fields

Apply a specific space for the dissemination, development and marketing of the sport

Adapt the competition rules to the calendar and requirements at the national level

Go to Referees


Open a fluid dialogue between Clubs and the Catalan Committee of referees and work together for the benefit of handball

Plan joint referees / coaches / players activities to unify criteria, with the problems that may arise during the season

Establish continuous training sessions for all referees and / or scorers / timekeepers assigned to the Catalan Federation for all categories

Promote the inclusion of referees from all territorial delegations as well as establish a 4-year plan for the promotion of female referees and incorporate the figure of referees with some items of quality and continuous improvement

Go to Women Handball

Women Handball

Create a work table “dona i handbol” formed by women linked to handball to increase their participation in all areas

Increase the number of women’s licenses in all categories collaborating with clubs

Create a technification plan from cadets coordinated in conjunction with the clubs, to improve the technical level of the Catalan players

Establish a follow-up and improvement plan for players who move from the junior to senior category, through the SSCC

Creation of a selection B and give continuity and competition to the Absolute selection

Go to Coaches


Generate spaces for debate and consultation for coaches, facilitating the exchange of doubts, knowledge and other issues related to problems that may arise through an exclusive platform

Encourage continuous training through clinics, workshops, etc. both on-site and on-line, to facilitate the assistance and growth of coaches from a prior consultation to them

Make more visible coaches, supporting them from the FCH, to know what they do, who they are, where they are and what their task is, through the media

Make a section of resources and content, accessible to all monitors and coaches to facilitate tactical-technical-psychological preparation in their teams

Recover the school of coaches appropriate for our age

Go to Delegations


Recover the Catalan territorial selections, encouraging the participation in this type of events, to be able to facilitate the observation of players to the Catalan selectors

Decentralize the training in all areas of handball, transferring to the territorial delegations those formations that are needed, to grow handball from the requests agreed upon with them

Establish a plan for the improvement and growth of handball throughout the territory, based on the structure of the technical direction, using coaches and reference players, to act as a guiding line for the recruitment of new players

Facilitate participation through consultation and training platforms to reduce the problem of time and travel

Go to FCH organization

FCH organization

Keep the current workers of the FCH, equip them with material and technological resources to facilitate their work

Waiver of the salary of Executive President to help to clean up the current economic situation of the FCH, as well as adjust expendable expenses and attract new economic resources

To create the figure of Technical Director as a key piece for the growth, promotion and training of handball in all its categories and disciplines

Turn the FCH into an organization close to all clubs, facilitating the information they demand, helping in the procedures and establishing a transparency portal

Make the FCH more visible in both conventional media and new social networks, also facilitating the retransmission of parties and events by streaming with the objective of attracting new sponsors

Find a seat for the FCH that meets the current needs of operation without exceeding the economic item intended for it


Client Client Client Client Client Client



Degree in English Philology

National coach

Goalkeeper coach

Management of international sport events

Former president of the Players Association (AJBM)

Deputy Mayor and Councilman of the Town Hall of Cardedeu

Former International player

Bronze medal winner in Atlanta’s Olympic Games

Silver medal at the European 96

2 Subchampionship at the European Cup

1 European Supercup

2 Asobal’s Cup

2 King’s Cup

1 Spain Supercup

Lydia Pena

Vice President
Director of consulting and planning

Responsible Technical management, training and consulting

Associate Professor Degree in Physiotherapy



Postgraduate in Sports Physiotherapy

Postgraduate in management and management of swimming pools

International player

Coach Sel. Catalan

2nd Junior Women’s Coach Sel. Spanish

Founder and President Handball Torrelles


Vice President
Sports official in town hall

Councilor of Government, public highway and sports in town hall



Territorial trainer

International player

Board member FCH

Catalonia Championships as a player and coach

Spain Championships as player and coach

University World Champion with Spain

Pedro T. Pérez Zarzosa

Technical Director
Sport Technician

Bachelor in physical education and sports with the handball specialty

National Coach

Technical director and Coordinator in different teams

Professor of courses for aspiring coach and handball coach at the Catalan FCH

Technical collaborator of the High Performance Plan with Japanese Athletes

Catalan National Team

1 Promotion to Silver Division

4 Promotion phases to Silver Division

1 Championship of Spain

1 Championship of Catalonia

5 Catalan Cups

3 Gold medals with Sel. Catalan

1 Silver medal with Sel. Catalan

FCH Silver Badge

Àngel Rovira

Degree in Law

Degree in Journalism and Communications

Real Estate Agent

Business Administration and Management from ESADE

Marketing direction from ESADE

Master in Marketing Direction and Sales from ESADE

Treasurer and Vice President School Sport Council of Barcelona

Vice President FCH

Technical Secretary FCB (handball section)

International Player

3 leagues with FCB

3 cups with FCB

4th of the World with the Spanish Team

Gabriel Teodoro

Worker at the Department of Sports of the Town Hall of Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Technical responsible for sports entities and administrative support

Managerial staff of the Catalan Handball Federation

President of the Sant Vicenç Handball Club for 20 years

Expedition leader of the expeditions of the Catalan National Championships in 3 Spanish Championships

Delegate of Catalan National Teams in 7 Spanish Championships


Chairman of the Referee Committee
Tax inspector

Economic services local administration

Player of Bosco Navas

Referee in Honor Division

Former referees of the Honor Division Asobal Federal Delegate of the RFEBM

Designator Honor Division RFEBM

Manela Blázquez

Legal Adviser
Degree in law from UAB

Lawyer since 1990

Secretary of the Bordils Handbol Board

Former Mayor of Bordils Town Hall

Former Councilor of the Gironès Regional Council

Member of the Bar Association of Girona for five years


Lleida’s Delegation
Head of academic management of the INEFC in Lleida

Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport

Master in High Performance in Team Sports

Doctor of Physical Activity Sciences

Sport Director at Lleida Pardinyes Handball Club

Handball coach I at the INEFC Lleida

FCH National Teacher Training Course

Mariano Pérez

Girona’s Delegation
Senior Sports Technician

National Coach Handball

FCH instructor and monitor course teacher

GEiEG Silver and National Honor Division Trainer

Technical director of the handball section of the GEiEG

Coach and coordinator of different clubs of the Delegation of Girona


Tarragona’s Delegation
Distribution and marketing companies

15 years president of the H. Amposta

Club management

Silver badge of the FCH

Participation in Spanish championships in different categories

Joan Alcoberro

Central Catalonia’s Delegation
Physical Education teacher

Teacher of the course of initiation to sports technician (CIATE) of the Sports Council of the Anoia

Diploma in Physical Education Teacher

Postgraduate in organization and management of the school sport

Technical director of the Igualada Handball Club

Sports Vice-President of the Igualada Handball Club

Catalan Handball Coach

Coach of the Handball Club Igualada in base and senior male and female

Member of the FCH Best Practices Commission

Technician of the Plan of Tecnification of Central Catalonia (infant category)


Handball Promotion
Sports official in town hall

Councilor of Government, public highway and sports in town hall



Territorial trainer

International player

Board member FCH

Catalonia Championships as a player and coach

Spain Championships as player and coach

University World Champion with Spain

Lydia Pena

Women Handball
Director of consulting and planning

Responsible Technical management, training and consulting

Associate Professor Degree in Physiotherapy



Postgraduate in Sports Physiotherapy

Postgraduate in management and management of swimming pools

International player

Coach Sel. Catalan

2nd Junior Women’s Coach Sel. Spanish

Founder and President Handball Torrelles


Beach Handball
Justice Officer

Vice President AMPA Ceip Mogent

Player from Benjamín to Veterans

Technical Handball Beach Base and Senior

2 Spain Championships Handball Youth Beach

Sub-champion of Spain Senior Women’s Beach

Alicia Garcia

Health Insurance and Medical Services
Graduated in Nursing at the UAB

Postgraduate in Primary Care (1992)

Postgraduate in Research

Postgraduate in Geriatrics

Master in Management and Administration in Nursing

Worker in Primary Care since 1990

Attached to management for 16 years in the CAP of Sta Coloma de Farners

President of Unió Esportiva Sarrià since 2013

Management of the club (economic management, human resources management, sports management …)

Handball player

Handball instructor

Salvador Guxens

Tax Advisor
Master in Taxation and Tax Advice from ESINE

Director of the office Fisges Assessors SLP

Specializing in nonprofit organizations

Official Former Treasury in Barcelona and Madrid. Inspection and collection until 1990

Executive collector in Sant Boi de Llobregat until 1993

He has lectured on taxation and taxation:
– Tax and accounting degree from the U.B.
– Master of Economic Management of sports organizations. U.B.
– Graduate Management Entities sports. U.I.C.
– Master Management Entities Leisure Education. U.P.F.
Speaker at various conferences on sport and taxation: Barcelona Provincial Council, FAPAC, Mutual General Sports, General Secretariat for Sport

Secretary of the Foundation and Competitiveness Clusters

Francesc Asensio

Member of the Board
Higher grade of goods and travelers by road

Resource manager

9 years on the board – OAR Gracia sports area

2 years collaborating with the administrative management of the club H Berga

Delegate of the Catalan Men’s Boys Team and Cadet during 3 seasons